Papaya en una dieta para la gota

¡La papaya! Sí, esa exótica fruta verde en forma de huevo que ves en los mercados es una de mis favoritas. ¡Y por buenas razones! La papaya es muy buena para los que sufren de gota ya que contienela "papa",una enzima proteolítica que es un antiinflamatorio natural que ayuda a mantener el cuerpo en un estado alcalino y puede ayudar a prevenir la acumulación de ácido úrico en la sangre. Básicamente, la papaya te ayuda a digerir las proteínas de la carne, las aves, el pescado y otros alimentos. Las semillas de papaya son comestibles, aunque tienen un sabor a pimienta y son bastante amargas.

También se sabe que la papaya ayuda a las personas con artritis reumatoide, osteoartritis y asma. De hecho, la "papa", ¡Se considera tan poderoso que digiere no menos de 200 veces su propio peso en proteínas! Además, ayuda a las enzimas de su cuerpo a extraer el máximo valor nutricional de los alimentos que comemos. Aunque no se han realizado estudios que examinen los efectos de la papaya en pacientes con gota, existen algunos estudios estudios que parecen indicar que la papaya es beneficiosa para pacientes con artritis reumatoide. Ha habido numerosos estudios sobre cómo la vitamina C beneficia a los pacientes con muchos tipos de artritis, como la osteoartritis, la artritis reumatoide y la gota. Así, la evidencia circunstancial presentada aquí indica que dado que la papaya es rica en vitamina C, es un alimento beneficioso para los enfermos de gota. Quiero decir, ¡solo una papaya mediana proporciona el 224% de sus necesidades diarias!

la cosa con la "papa", está particularmente concentrado cuando la papaya no está madura. Si alguno de ustedes está tomando un suplemento de enzimas digestivas, ese sigue siendo un ingrediente clave. Tiene la misma función que la bromelina, una enzima similar que se encuentra en piña que también es un ingrediente clave en NutriGota Otro beneficio clave para quienes padecen gota es que la papaya también es muy rica en vitamina C. La papaya también es rica en nutrientes antioxidantes como carotenoides, flavonoides; Vitaminas B, ácido fólico y ácido pantoténico. En minerales, contiene potasio, cobre y magnesio, además de fibra

Extracto de cereza ácida para la gota


Además, la papaya ayuda a proteger contra las enfermedades del corazón, lo cual es muy importante para que los que padecen gota tengan un sistema cardiovascular saludable.Dado que la papaya es rica en vitaminas A y C, estos nutrientes ayudan a prevenir la oxidación del colesterol. La papaya también es una buena fuente de fibra que reduce los niveles de colesterol. Nos protege contra el cáncer de colon, ya que es rica en fibra y agua, lo que ayuda a prevenir el estreñimiento, favorece la regularidad y un tracto digestivo saludable. Para aquellos de ustedes que sufren de ambos gota y diabetesLos estudios han demostrado que los diabéticos tipo 1 que consumen dietas altas en fibra tienen niveles más bajos de glucosa en sangre y los diabéticos tipo 2 pueden tener niveles mejorados de azúcar en sangre, lípidos e insulina.

como comer papaya

La papaya está relativamente disponible durante todo el año. Cuando compras papayas, pueden ser verdes, tendrás que esperar unos días antes de que se vuelvan de color rojo anaranjado y se sientan suaves al tacto. Luego puedes cortarlos y comerlos. Aquellos con manchas de color amarillo tardarán unos días más en madurar.

Otra receta popular que usan los asiáticos para tratar la gota es usar té verde con papaya. Vea mi artículo sobre el té verde para la receta.

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    23 replies to "gota y papaya"

    • James W.

      Excellent article and very helpful replies. I have gout which has lasted for several days. It’s very painful to the touch. I came on this discussion because I was interested in papaya and its affects on gout. I love the natural way of dealing with gout. Thanks,

    • Camilo

      For me, papaya is the best fruit out there. I have 7 to 10 attacks a year since I’m not disciplined with food. However, I had an attack 8 years ago where it took me 6 months to recuperate full from this attack. I got to the point that I had it in both feet for a couple of weeks. I could not stand, I had to crawI everywhere at home. I was miserable! I started a diet after the first two weeks of the attack. I spoke with a doc who practices alternative medicine and told me. This is what your are going to eat but do not take any medication. He told me this is going to be painful, but you are going to get better. So, the diet was to take papaya in the morning, at lunch wild white fish or organic chicken with vegetables, and for dinner papaya. If I felt starving, I had to eat more papaya. It was not easy. my skin color change to yellow orange, but the results were extraordinary. After the diet, it took 5 years without any attack. I lost 24 pounds in two months. No headaches, no pain after playing soccer. It was amazing! Unfortunately, I got back to my bad habits and now I have attacks more often. Now, I’m laying in bed starting the diet again… Embarrassing!!
      I recommend PAPAYA if you suffer from gout.

    • Sethu

      Can I drink raw papaya juice or soup for gout?

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Hi Sethu!

        Yes! As you can see from the article, papaya is very beneficial in your gout diet, it’s a complex carbohydrate!

    • Arie Kresnadi

      Can boiled young papaya water reduce uric acid level if you drink regularly? Or it is simply to cure gout attack? I drink it and my gout cure immediately within 1-2 days, worked much better than colchicine and medrol. But not sure it could reduce uric acid in blood… Please advise. Thx!

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Honestly, I don’t know enough about that natural remedy but it’s very popular in Asia. But it does help many. Try it long term and let us know!

    • Edwin

      Thanks for this informative knowledge. Kindly indicate if it’s healthy to remove seeds and boil pawpaw without seeds making sure skin is part of whats boiling. Kindly elaborate.

      Also is it ripe or unripe pawpaw.

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Hi Edwin!

        This article is not about the fruit pawpaw but rather papaya. Hope that’s clear for you. As for pawpaw, it is high in vitamin C and antioxidants which helps fight inflammation.

    • vipin


      I am suffering from gout from last 2 to 3 months, I am using whey protein and creatine from the last couple of months, can anyone advise if there are any issues using the same
      since I having the uric acid issue.

    • Alwi

      Hi Spiro,

      I have been taking papain…once a day….it’s sold in pharmacy. Since then I don’t have any gout attack..

      Is it safe to take papain table on daily basis?

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Hi Alwi!

        Yes papain is very good! Papain is a powerful digestive enzyme commonly found and extracted from the papaya fruit (Carica papaya) , it is also referred to as papaya proteinase. The papaya enzyme papain plays a key role in digestive processes involving breaking down tough protein fibers. It’s good to take when eating meat for example.

    • Riaz

      My uric acid is 7.61. Should I take medicine to lower it down or change the lifestyle of eating food..??

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Hi Riaz!

        That is a high number and you will need to see your doctor in order to make that decision. Dietary and lifestyle changes should go without saying. Start taking action today.

    • James

      Is radish helpful to cure gout? I’m a gout suffer from China.

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Cure gout? not really but radish is harmless, so keep eating it, try eating more celery sticks! That will help more but none of these vegetables will cure your gout.

    • Charlene

      Gout and watermelon, is it good for gout suffers?

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Watermelon has a very high sugar content so don’t eat too much of it. I know it’s one of the tastiest fruits and one of y favourites, it is mostly water based too which is good for gout. if you choose to eat watermelon in your day, make sure to watch sugar intake you eat the rest of the day as to avoid going overboard. I never heard of anybody complaining that watermelon is a gout trigger. Enjoy some in moderation!

    • Dalip Singh Manhas

      Yes it has the ability to bring down uric acid for 1 point in a month continuous use. Personal experience

    • chiropractor MT Eden

      Papaya has also been known to help sufferers from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and asthma. Actually, the papain is considered so powerful that it digests a whopping 200 times its own weight in protein!

    • Peter

      Looks to be an interesting fruit to try. A quick search shows it readily available here in UK supermarkets. A range of other products including the fruit such as fruit concentrate drink (and shampoo/conditioner !). Thank you for continuing to provide up to date and interesting articles. A good tonic to BREXIT.

    • Graham Feeney

      Hi Spiro. You say papaya is great for gout sufferers and I wonder if pawpaw is the same as I believe there is a difference although that may not be the case.
      Thank you for your website and all the best to you.
      Kind regards

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