Discover how ginger can assist you in a gout diet

Ginger is that root plant that you find year round in your supermarket and is primarily used as food flavoring in mostly Asian dishes. It is pungent and spicy; and has a brownish skin that could be either thick or thin. Ginger though packs full of health benefits and may help relieve oneself from gastrointestinal symptoms, motion sickness, and seasickness reducing the symptoms of nausea, dizziness and vomiting.

Where it benefits gout sufferers is in ginger’s strong anti-inflammatory compounds which are called gingerols and shogaols. Many clinical studies have proven that when consumed regularly, they may help out patients with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis with their mobility, pain and swelling.

A 2011 study that was published in “Annals of Biological Research” found that ginger acted like a strong anti-inflammatory and lowered the symptoms of gout in mice just as well as the gout medication called indomethacin! Imagine that!

Tart Cherry Extract for Gout

So how do you use ginger to receive its’ benefits? You can begin by adding ginger in your cooking or eat a small piece of raw ginger daily. A slice of ginger is sufficient and if you like it, you can have more. You can also consume it in the form of a tea (ginger tea) by adding half a teaspoon of ginger root in a cup of boiling water and mix it with a teaspoon of raw honey to make it more tasty. You can replace raw honey with some lemon juice instead too. I do this often in the wintertime, it helps soothe the stomach and build up your immune system. Did I tell you it also helps with your gout?

Other gout sufferers have also used ginger as a paste mixed with water and applying it topically on the affected area after a gout attack. Others suggest soaking a small towel in boiled ginger and then apply it as a compress on the affected joint. This is probably due to the fact that ginger is widely used to treat burns on the skin. Others mix it in hot water with apple cider vinegar, turmeric and other ingredients of their liking.

You should speak before using ginger with your doctor since it might not be safe for every gout sufferer depending also on what medication you are taking especially gout sufferers who have heart disease or any bleeding disorders since it could make those illnesses worse.

Posted by Spiro Koulouris

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    18 replies to "Gout and Ginger"

    • Saj

      HI Spiro, I had a gout attack last month on my right toe. I have tried prescription drugs (allopurinol and NSAID) and drinking plenty of water. Serum uric acid has been reduced to 5.5. Still i’m having the pain and difficulty in walking.

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Hi Saj!

        It might be the medication working to get rid of the uric acid crystals lodged in your joint(s). Many people have experienced pain while they first start their medication in the first few weeks. Should go away, if not talk to your doctor.

    • Mike k


      I recently started grinding 2-3 garlic cloves, 3/4 inch of ginger and mixing it with fresh juice from 3 lemons and mixing it with 1 litter boiling water… (add cinnamon and honey to help with the taste..)
      Let it cool and sip daily… lasts about 1 week.
      I have been gout free, pain free, swelling free.

      I don’t know if it will work for you but it’s been 5 months and I’m loving it. Even eat a steak with a beer 🙂

    • George Heath

      As I type this I am having a major gout attack. Went to doctor, gave me shot and steroid pack. I have tried everything, cherry juice, vitamin c cider vinegar. I was just told that by taking the allopurinol it raised my uric acid levels higher which caused this attack. I look forward to trying this to see if it works. Thanks for sharing. Will start tomorrow

    • Sylvester

      Hello my name is Sly .
      I’ve been using ginger,cherry extract, for years it is really working , I had a very acute kind of gout that I was not able to walk or stand , my doctor would take a syringe to take out big tides of inflammation of crystal Utica acid following a knee transplant a been diagnosed with gout back in 2001 never really paid it no mind, but what I know now is very beneficial to all of those with gout , stay close to cherry juice extract,, ginger I’ve been through a lot of medications naturally I don’t want to depend on them , just watch what you are putting in your body.

    • Martin Maaka

      I need help as I’m taking all my meds and still got gout. I’ve had gout for 3 months what can I do?

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Ouf! Go see your doctor and do a blood test to see where your uric acid is at. You may need to increase your medication’s dosage.

    • William

      Hi Spiro,I recently had my first gout attack and had started to eat just about anything including junk food about 3 or 4 times a week.The swelling in my foot is now slowly disappearing. Do you think I could still eat vegetarian pizza? and how likely am I to get another attack?

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Hi William!

        Yes you can eat vegetarian pizza, I eat it all the time. Best is if the dough can be 100% whole wheat and made with olive oil instead of canola oil. As for your question on how likely you are to get another attack, that can’t be answered, it depends on your uric acid levels and other health factors. Definitely avoid junk food and go for a blood test.

    • Vaughan

      Could juicing ginger on a daily basis help with gout? Having a lot of ginger ‘juice’.

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Ginger is very powerful, I boil it often and drink it as a tea. It should be part of your gout diet.

    • Francis

      Spiro My Sincere Thanks…!

      Got a Massive Gout Attack on my Right Knee & if ever one has to see Stars in Broad Daylight I did for well over the first 36 hours.

      That’s when my wife Googled home remedies and hit upon yours which I’ve been religiously doing about 4 – 5 times in the day and keeping it on for about 2 hr sessions.

      I applied the Ginger poultice on the Knee Cap & then lightly bound it with Cling Wrap so the juices stayed put.

      I was also recommended by my Doc to take 2 Tbs of Colchicine immediately when you get the attack and another 2 after 4 hours in the pain is searingly unbearable.

      Colchicine does have a long list of side effects, Diarrhea & stomach cramping being the most common.

      The combination of both Colchicine and the Ginger Poultice gave the enough relief to be able to get a decent night’s sleep.

      Drinking Jugs of water is also a major help as it helps flush the System of all the Blood Urea accumulated.

      Hope my tryst with my 3rd or 4th Attack is helpful as alternatively there’s sweet nothing for immediate relief.

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      Thank you first for the first professional help I’ve received regarding Gout that broke out nine months ago. Local hospitals, my doctor, Medicare and my own supplemental ins. know nothing at all about Gout, dietitians, nutritionists, treatment or pain relief for Gout.

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