Fruits and Gout

Gout and Fruits

Best Fruits For Your Gout Diet Fruits play an important role in a healthy gout diet. They possess powerful vitamins, minerals, and plant chemicals which help fight symptoms and conditions related to gout. However, not all fruits were made equal. Some are good at preventing symptoms while others can actually trigger it.  As you transition…

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Bone Erosion and Gout

Gout and Bone Erosion

Gout sufferers are all too familiar with the symptoms. The excruciating pain, the swelling, the redness. It’s not hard to recognize that what you’re having is a gout flare. But what most sufferers might not know is the damage that’s happening when they’re not in pain. This is called bone erosion and it can slowly…

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Breakfast and Gout

Gout and Breakfast

What Can A Gout Sufferer Eat For Breakfast? For some people, breakfast is their favorite meal of the day. It marks the end of a fast where you get to indulge yourself in some delicious eggs and bacon, pancake and waffles, maybe a cereal bowl topped with honey and chocolate chips? Hmm! But if you’re…

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Epsom Salt and Gout

Gout and Epsom Salt

Epsom Salt for Gout: Does it Really Work? Epsom Salt and Its Benefits Epsom salt got its name from the town of Epsom in England where it comes from. It is produced from the spring which mixes porous chalk with non-porous clay. The salt is touted for its numerous benefits although there is not exactly…

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Gout and the Mediterranean diet

Gout and the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is perhaps one of the healthiest diets in the world. It’s a popular diet followed by health nuts around the world due to its purported benefits such as weight loss, improved blood sugar, better heart health, and longevity. The question is, is it good for gout? Looking at the benefits of the…

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Gout and Hands

Gout and Your Hands

Can you get gout in your hands and fingers? We all know that symptoms for gout happen most often on the foot. But did you know that you can also experience gout in your hands? Gouty arthritis is not as common as gout. When you have too much buildup of uric acid in your bloodstream,…

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Gout and Medicare

Gout and Medicare

How Does Medicare Cover Gout? If you have gout, you know that flare-ups are unexpected and extremely painful. The good news is that treatment is available manage the pain and even reduce the frequency of attacks and potential for complications. If you have Medicare, here’s what you should know about how Medicare covers diagnosing and…

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Traveling with gout

Gout and Travel

If you suffer from gout, there are special precautions need to be made before you fly on a plane. The last thing you want is to be on a crutch or wheelchair while on vacation. Make sure to follow these tips when traveling with gout. How to Deal With Gout While Traveling 1. Book first…

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Gout in Dogs and Pets

Gout and Dogs

Can Dogs Get Gout? Gout is a disease that’s commonly experienced by humans but did you know that dogs can have gout too? Yes, unfortunately, man’s best friend has the potential to experience this debilitating condition as a result of excessive uric acid in the bloodstream. It’s often a result of genes too with some…

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Everything You Need To Know About Gout Infographic

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