What can the herb Chanca Piedra do for your gout?

Phyllanthus niruri is a herb also more popularly known as Chanca Piedra. It is a tropical plant commonly found in coastal areas and in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. It is an important plant in Ayurvedic medicine which is used to treat stomach problems, bladder issues, liver and kidney problems as well; this is what is of interest to us gout sufferers since liver and kidney health is very important to manage those healthy uric acid levels that we desire in order to avoid gout flares or a gout attack. Chanca piedra is widely used in Brazil and Peru as a herbal remedy to fight kidney stones and is termed the stonebreaker or shatter stone. It is effective in treating jaundice as well as hepatitis.

In a clinical study of 150 patients with kidney stones (25mm in diameter) over a 6-month period showed that taking an extract of this herb reduced the incidence of kidney stone formation quite significantly.

In another 2010 study involving rats chanca piedra clearly showed how the herb interfered with the many stages of stone formation. We do need to conduct more long-term studies in order to prove this for therapeutic purposes. This holds a lot of promise which shows that chanca piedra may prevent and may defend us against kidney stones since we gout sufferers are at an increased risk already.




In another 2002 study out of India found the chanca piedra helped to increase bile secretion of the liver. This helps you with digestion helping eliminate waste and to better absorb nutrients you consume. So chanca piedra can help rid your body of painful kidney stones and even prevent them in the first place. It supports kidney health as well as detoxifying the liver, increasing urination which is important for us gout sufferers (more urine = less uric acid in the body). It balances liver enzymes so that you can enjoy a healthy liver.

In a 1990 personal study conducted by German Dr. Wolfram Wiemann treated over 100 patients who suffered from kidney stones with chanca piedra that she obtained from Peru and found it to be 94% successful in eliminating the kidney stones within 1-2 weeks! If you want to learn more about doing a all-natural kidney cleanse, I strongly recommend Lauren Felts book The Miracle Kidney Cleanse and she provides great insights on the subject.

You can consume chanca piedra as a supplement in the form of capsules as well as a tea. Add some raw honey if you want to sweeten it up. Always speak to your doctor before proceeding with consuming chanca piedra to make sure it doesn’t interact with any existing medication that you are taking. Pregnant women, diabetics and if you have any bleeding disorders or recently completed a surgery, make sure to speak to your doctor since chanca piedra may provide you with adverse effects.

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    7 replies to "Gout and Chanca Piedra"

    • Tony


      I am 31 thin and recently suffered gout two weeks after I quit drinking.

      I changed my diet entirely eating almost all veggies and nuts even now trying to eliminate grains since a pot of black beans re-flared the gout (not sure where to get protein now.)

      My main question is about chanca piedra and if this is something I should try and known side-effects. I am not even sure who to speak with about this since my doctor knows nothing about supplements. Is there a known nutritionist anyone can recommend I can contact? Any success stories with chanca piedra?

      The doctors want to throw me on the long-term medication and looking for any kind of suggestions or nutritionists/gout specialists to talk to.

      Thank you!

    • Val

      I’m taking chanca piedra and it is causing pain in my liver and kidneys and bloating. I really want this stuff to work. Maybe I should try marshmallow root. Kidneys were giving me pain and I had low urine output initially. I was taking garlic daily for arthritis.

      • Bridget Lodge

        Stay with the chanca! It does work, as I have seen stones in the toilet that have been passed. It sometimes takes up to a week though.

    • Fritz

      Hi Spiro,

      Good day and Thanks for the welcome remarks. 🙂
      I purchased your ebook and loved the simplicity of your advice.

      So much info out there (different sites, sources, authors), too confusing.

      One of the things I will highlight at this moment is the Fructose. Based on your ebook, 80% diet comes from complex carbs (veggiess, FRUITS, pasta, bread, rice etc).
      I ate 2 -3 pieces of fruits daily (apple, pear, banana, grapes etc).
      However one of your blogs (https://goutandyou.com/sugar-fructose-high-fructose-corn-syrup-and-gout/) is saying otherwise as fruits produced Fructose.

      It seems nothing is working anymore for me. The only thing left for me consume is water. 🙂
      Drinking water is not a issue (2.5-3L daily).

      I also do exercise, running 1hr – 1.5hrs daily (of course during glory days). Sometimes I pushed it if I am preparing for a race, even when there’s pain.

      I don’t consider myself a big meat consumer. Though I think it exceeds the 10% protein daily requirements when I have one.

      I am 38yo male and an Asian. I bring up Asian because we are a big rice consumer.
      I ate a lot of veges too.
      I totally cut rice lately for 3 weeks now and I lose further weight which is not the goal. I dont have a problem with the weight.

      Colchicine is first thing I take when I see attack is on sight. First line of defense so it will not worsen.

      So, there nothings else to do as I think I tried so much but to no avail.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
      Thank you!


      • Spiro Koulouris

        Hi Fritz!

        Thank you for your email!

        Yes too much fruit is not good. 1-2 portions a day, not more. But it sounds your kidneys are producing too much uric acid for other reasons, maybe medication is at play or genetics which you can’t do much with diet but take proper allopurinol for life to keep uric acid levels low.

        I would recommend you visit 2 different rheumatologists and get 2 opinions. Them take it from there.

        Let me know what they say!

        Good luck!

    • Sanet

      Good day Spiro!

      Thanks for your e-mails. I’ll definitely get your book in the new year. I do appreciate all the information you are giving me.

      I’m suffering from hypertension and since I’m using Allopurinol I’m feeling very tired and I’m having this strange feeling of pins and needles all over my body. Doctor said I should rest as much as possible for the first three weeks for the inflammation in my joints to clear up a bit.

      Thanks for all the information. Love to get your e-mails. I’m in South Africa and there is not much awareness of this disease hear. Since I’m a teacherit’s difficult to live with all the aches and pains.

      Kind regards


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