Pictures of Gout

In this post I decided to add some pictures to show you what gout looks like. Pictures paint a thousand words, so this should help you to see what gout is all about, especially if you have been newly diagnosed with gout or think you may have it. Some even portray gout pain in a way no words can describe. Truth is gout looks very different for many depending how serious each case is. Furthermore, gout can affect different parts of the body like the big toe, ankle, knee, elbow, finger etc…

The following pictures have been take from various sources. This first image shows you how much bigger the right foot is compared to the left one. Notice the redness and puffiness.

Gout in the foot or big toe

Gout foot image

This second image below gives us a similar look:

Inflamed foot from gout

Gout in the Ankle

Gout in the ankle

Gout in the Finger

Gout in the finger

Gout in the Elbow

Gout in the elbow

Gout in the Knee

Gout in the knee

Gout in the Wrist

Gout in the wrist

Basically, notice how swollen each joint is from the ankle, then the finger you’ll notice it is lumpy which may have the presence of top under the skin. The elbow seems to look like a tennis ball, sticks out more. Notice how inflamed the right knee is compared to the left, I’ve had that before with my original attack which caused great discomfort since I got hit with the big toe and knee at the same time. I had to walk around in a cane. It was brutal. Gout in the wrist is pretty bad as well. Imagine not being able to use one of your hands in your day to day life. I hope you are not horrified by these images but if you want to see what gout is all about, this is how it looks like. Make sure to follow your gout diet, exercise and this shouldn’t happen to you.

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    28 replies to "Gout in Pictures"

    • Kelly

      Tart cherry juice does wonders especially if you start drinking it as soon as you feel a flare up coming on and if it gout in the foot/ankle/toe I highly recommend using one of the walking boot cast things. When I have flare ups on my feet these 2 things are lifesavers. I don’t need to use crutches either. I just have to be careful how tight I do the straps but the more secure they are, the less pain I feel. I’ve had 3 emergency surgeries (with the CDC in the room to take samples) on my feet because of the severity of the swelling of my feet and it was discovered to be gout and nothing more. I have a history of bleeding ulcers so many meds are off limits to me and even prophylactic meds are things I’m not supposed to take so I always have at least 2 bottles of TART cherry juice and usually can head it off before it’s a full blown flare up.

      I have recently started having flare ups in my elbows, finger joints, especially the pinky fingers, and wrists. The cherry juice still works but Ive noticed these flares become full on much faster that in my lower body.

      To the person that said the knees are the worst I have to beg to differ, I have had it just about everywhere and think that are all equally awful. I’m a chef and when it’s in my lower half I can’t stand or walk (but the boot helps immensely) and when it’s in my hands or elbows I can’t hold the phone, knife, or pen. And I bump my hand and fingers on far more things than my toes and feet. It’s awful everywhere

    • Be'atrice Melon'con

      Sorry ppl I’m not a doctor either, but I took Indomethacin 50mg and it has helped me. But everyone can’t take the same meds. I changed my diet, no beef, sea food and alcohol, oh and Citrus fruits. Cause these type of foods adds to gout for me. And as long as I stay away from these food I stay free from the pain and flare ups. Once I eat them it comes back and it’s no fun dealing with pain. I sure hope this helps everyone. And GOD BLESS everyone.

    • Medina Weekly

      i have had gout for a couple of years in my big toe.i do try to eat healthy,one thing i have found works for me is drinking the pom juice,plain and mixed ,cherry,blueberry.2 days without my juice and i get a painful reminder.

    • Sam

      Ive had gout for almost 15 years. Usually it hits the big toe area. One day I got a stiffness in my left knee. Within 2 days the knee was inflamed. Took naproxen to calm the swelling & pain. Then within one week my right knee also got attacked. FYI, the worst place to get gout is the knee. It literally knocks you on your back. If you are unlucky as me to get it in both knees same time…well I hope you have a high pain threshold. I am now 3rd week on my back. Swelling down but stiff as heck. Cannot walk…I have to use a wheelchair. Urinate in a portable urinal because getting to the toilet is torture. I don’t eat so not to have to go to the toilet. Basically you are crippled.

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    • Mary

      I have just been diagonised with gout in my left knee I have never had it before just wondering if once you have it will it always be there

    • Kevin Wilson

      I never realized how horrible gout was until I came down with it last week. The pain subsided and I thought it was going away. Then a couple of days ago it came back full force. I’ve lost sleep. I’m now chugging water trying to eat the stuff I should. It feels like somebody took a hammer to the upper area of my big toe on the side of my foot. The pain is unbelievable.

    • Randy Green

      First of all, a few prednisone 10 mg tablets will give a person relief within a day. Colchicine usually takes a day or two and has bad side effects. Like one guy stated genetics plays more of a roll in gout flairs than diet according to latest research. Hope this helps…

    • John Bibal

      I have itchy feet and hands and redness too aside from the usual swelling…first flare up…do you experience the same?

    • Connie McDade

      I never before realized just how bad gout can be. I’d like to send you a picture of my last gout attack in my foot and ankle.

      • GoutFoot

        I have Gout sometimes, once a year, I would like to see your gout picture as well. E-mail it to me, “”

      • Chris

        I’m chris 42 yrs of age, and I’m having so much pain on my right toe for 3days and I went to see my doctor and prescribe me a different medicine indomethacin, but all of the sudden I still having pain and the flare move on my ancle right side and more difficult to walk, So now I’m using a crutches. But hopefully when flare up stops I will start my diet and work out.
        It’s so hard if you have this pain that make you stress and very inconvenient.
        I will try the papaya to broiled and drink starting tomorrow.

    • Vicky

      Hi Spiro!!

      I have been reading some of your posts and would like to seek your advice and thoughts.

      I’m 26 years old and overweight. Two months ago my doctor diagnosed me with gout. I have not had a flare, knock on wood, however I do feel tingling-ness from time to time by my toe joint after I consume too much meat or sweets.. my doctor gave me a 7-day uloric because my uric level came out to be 9.5 and prescribed me Allopurinol, I have not started either medication due to me being out of country for a month. I changed my diet for a month, ate better, smaller portions, no alcohol, little to no sweets and fast food. I went in for another blood test and my results came back the same, no change in my uric acid level, even after changing my diet and losing 10-15 pounds. My question is, I do not have any flares, have not had any, knock on wood, if I start taking uloric and allopurinol, do you think it will it cause flares? I’ve read that uloric and allopurinol causes flares (the bad before the good I guess, getting rid of the uric acid now for the better).. I’m worried that once I start taking it I will get flares.

      I am scared, hence the delay in taking the rx. I’ve even changed my diet and try to exercise for 30 mins 4-5 times a week. My work schedule is very strict. I’m not sure if I will be able to hold up during the flares to take a week off for recovery..

      I was on spironlactone since March 2017 and stopped taking it mid October. I read that spironlactone contributes to increasing uric acid levels hence the reason I stopped taking it. Have been clear of spironlactone for a month and still no change in my UA level. My doctor is now asking if I have started taking the rx and I have not. Do you think it would be best to start taking it?

      My main concern is that I will have an attack after I start taking the rx. Have you heard or experienced similar situation? Has high uric acid levels, no flares, taking allopurinol/uloric and having or not having flares?

      Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

      • Vicky

        Spiro, my first blood test was in mid Sept 2017, second blood test was the other day , mid Nov. First UA level = 9.5, second test result came back the same. **

        Have been eating better and exercising for a month. **

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Hi Vicky!

        Thank you for your questions but unfortunately I am not a doctor and can’t answer questions about medications. Your doctor knows your health better than I cause he/she follows your blood tests and other health metrics. Diet will help but it doesn’t move as fast as taking a drug of course. If your doctor starts you on allopurinol for long term maintenance of uric acid levels then ask him if he can also prescribe you some colchicine only for a few days in the beginning if you are afraid to get a gout attack which can leave you bedridden for days.

      • Jayne

        Vicky, you really should be talking to your Dr. about all this, including your fears of taking the medication. I can promise you if you take the Allopurinol you will never have another attack of gout. That’s what it’s for! I know 3 people on this and they’ve never had another attack, one has been on it 10 years at least! But anyway, you seriously need to speak to your Dr. about all this, not someone online. We are not Drs and we most certainly don’t have all the answers. My mom had gout and now my sister does too since last year and now.. I have a Dr. appt. tomorrow because I had a bad fall and really hit my ankle 10 days ago and it’s getting worse instead of better. Today I realized the pain is excruciating and the stupid ankle is all swollen and red. Even my other sister said it looks like gout. Wonderful……. so..get to your Dr and follow his/her instructions and don’t be shy about telling them about your fears. They hear it all the time. 🙂

        • Gail

          Allopurinol is an excellent medication, with few side effects, and good availability but it is not true that if you are taking it you will never have another attack. My husband has had 3 attacks since May and has been taking Allopurinol, following the diet, and exercise program. We are about to add cherry juice to see if that will help. His levels are only 4-6 so not high. Everyone is different hence we have many drugs and treatment programs.

      • Frederick Stone de Castro

        I used to get gout a couple times a year. Sometimes it would last a month. My doctor recommended allopurinol to prevent the gout flare ups. After taking the allopurinol for a couple of months I got another gout attack. It was severe. I have gout for 6 months in could get rid of it . I stop the allopurinol and went to a acupuncturist. After the acupuncture my gout was 80% good in three days. I don’t recommend allopurinol for myself, I don’t know about somebody else but it was terrible for me.

    • F.R.VanBuskirk-Stuber

      I don’t know if it’s gout or something else but both my ankles are huge, red,heat and pain in the ankle bones. I’m also deathly ellergic to NSAIDS! Any suggestions?

      • Spiro Koulouris

        All you can do is soak your foot/leg on warm water with some Epsom salt, take some ibuprofen if you can to remove the pain. You can also try our Therapeutic Gout Pain Relief Cream which helps remove inflammation. Check in with your doctor too!

    • Stephanie

      I just had my first Gout attack!! I thought I broke my toe, so I didn’t go to the doctor for two days. I have been performing in a show and sticking my foot in ice. I was Shocked!!

      I eat great, work out hard, and yes drink every other day. I did happen to eat chicken livers and sweet potato that first night not realizing not so good.

      Thanks for the great information!

    • Vincent Padovano

      On my 4th day of a gout attack on my right hand and wrist…my middle knuckle is inflamed and radiating heat..taking OTC pain medication, drinking lots of water,baking soda and acv…this is the worst of a gout attack I have ever gotten…Unbelievable discomfort and make matters worst I am right handed..

    • Lucia Quachey

      Thanks for the useful information on Gout. Intact, my idea about gout has changed. My understanding of gout is having pain under your feet.

    • Richard Gutina

      Spiro Koulouris,
      Thank you for your web site, and thank you for those pictures.
      I work as a nurse in the ER and have seen the mystery “tennis ball” in the elbow and other joint inflammations pictured here.
      The ER doctors focus on life threatening problems and are not savey to gout related problems.
      As a gout sufferer for 3 years now with little preventative advise except: “keep it under 6”. I have had numerous flare ups getting worse every time.
      With your help, I will learn ways to keep it under 6 and what to do when I am in pain such as now. 8/10 pain. I am not screaming yet but am close to it.

      Thank you again.

      • Chuck brandon

        Richard, what I found that works for me when I get an attack in my foot, or either of my thumbs is to run hot water over the area for a few minutes and take 2400 mg of ibuprofen a day until the gout is gone. Uric acid crystals form in the joints. Crystals have sharp edges. The hot water “melts” the crystals and the ibuprofen reduces the swelling. I get almost immediate relief with the hot water. Still takes a few days to get rid of. Hope this helps.

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