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    • John

      Do you have any information on the keto or whole 30 diets and gout risk? I am in my early 30s and developed gout after a year of doing the keto diet. I am pretty sure I am high risk already due to both my grandfathers having it. I am wondering if eating a very high fat, high protein diet accelerated it.

    • Vera Novakova

      Hi Spiro!

      First sincere thanks, admiration and respect for your work.

      I am wife of 78 years old husband who suffers by gout, diabetes and atrial fibrilation. I am retired physiologist/researcher trying to manage all husbands problems by combination of all possible means most of which are you using for managing gout.

      After serious heart collaps at Mars 2016 husband lost 30 kg, has now normal blood pressure, nearly normal blood sugar (without medicine) and even Afib is rather OK (with Sotalol and Apixaban). Last year he had several gout attack. From july 2018 after adapting mostly your type of diet (thank you!!) he is without gout problem. But he still has higher level of uric acid at blood.

      May I ask whether there may be some depositons of uric acid/cristals at tissue without causing gout attack? If yes, is it possible that some action/medicin for decreasing uric acid may cause release of uric acid from tissue depositions, cause rise of uric acid (in spite of perfect diet) and even cause gout attack?

      I am not sure that I express my concerns by right way and that you could understand what I mean. I would be very grateful for your opinion.

      With best wishes and thanks!


      • Spiro Koulouris

        Hi Vera!

        Best to seek the advice of a qualified rheumatologist who will be able to assess your husband’s health appropriately.

        Doctor will consider either allopurinol or febuxostat as a long term treatment to maintain low uric acid levels. It is possible that the current medication that he is taking is causing uric acid to increase cause medications are known to make the body more acidic thus raising uric acid levels.

        Good luck!

    • Alon

      Hi Spiro,

      First let me to say thanks, thanks for having, arranging and managing all this gout data and doing it available globally.

      I’m in my 40’s and my personal gout story start two mounts ago although I probably suffer from it more than 8 years. I was taken care few times a year with orthopedic doctor for the pain in my foot under the big finger and he send me few times a year to do physiotherapy treatment and to buy footholds …

      Just two mounts when flare started and the orthopedic doctor was on his vacation I went to my family doctor and she asked some questions and saw my uric-acid levels (on the past 10 years), and it was really clear to her that I suffer from gout (also my grandfather was suffering from it)

      It was a relief for me to start and know the reason for the pains, and I just starting new way of life
      – diet (with professional accompaniment)
      – stop smoking (hopefully will finish it during the next few days)

      The uric-acid levels was drop to ~7 during the that time (hope to drop them more when stop smoking and start sporting)

      So, I read your articles that been send via G+ and the Email in very close way and just want to say hi… and thanks

      Alon from Israel

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Glad to hear you’re making important lifestyle changes in your life Alon and good luck!

        Important to remain disciplined, that is the key!

    • Julie Naldrett

      I need help. I have been having episodes of gout (never had of them before)about every 6 weeks starting in December of 2018. My problem is this new episode of gout started in the bunion area & spread to my ankle. Can this really happen? Can’t walk etc. I was prescribed the Colchicne .6 mg when the onset starts & Allopurinol 300 mg daily to prevent. I still got an attack worse than ever & the Colchicne isn’t working. Help.

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Hi Julie!

        It could be from fact of the medication working to get rid of the uric acid in your body, can cause gout flares until it’s under control. Best to seek the advice of your doctor or even better a qualified rheumatologist who specializes in gout.

    • Sara

      Thank you so much for the information on this site! I was recently diagnosed and I am only 38 years old! As a professional specialist on aging, this concerns me greatly. It also gives me a lot of relief because I know what to do and I know this will resolve so many health issues I have been dealing with for decades. I’m curious – is there any relationship between gout and mono/epstein barr virus? Also, what is the relationship between estrogen and gout?

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Hi Sara!

        Check out my article on “Gout and Women” where I wrote about estrogen:

        “It is believed that estrogen may help the kidneys remove uric acid, so after menopause, a woman’s blood uric acid levels begin to increase. … Rock star gout researcher Hyon Choi has stated that estrogen is believed to lower uric acid levels in the blood and that hormone therapy can protect women against gout.”

        As for mononucleosis/epstein barr virus, there is no relationship. In fact, very low uric acid can be a cause of the virus, so no high uric acid will trigger it. See study–>https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5740835/

    • LG King

      As I love red wine but am suffering from gout in my hands, I have now ceased my alcohol consumption. And after two weeks it is starting to fade.

      I am a fan of Dr. Michael Greger and just saw his 7 minute video on reversing gout, and thought I’d pass it along. Good stuff!


      • Sara

        nutritionfacts.org has EXCELLENT info! Highly recommend

    • Brandon

      For months my gout was mild and I didn’t even know it was gout. I attributed it to certain dress shoes. I now know what a REAL flare up feels like and I would not wish it on anyone… well, okay… maybe one or two people. Seriously though, I was willing to give up the salted pork, the shrimp, and a few other loves but I couldn’t give up a nice frosty brew (or two) on the weekends. I now add half of a fresh squeezed lime (get a proper manual juice maker) to each pint and haven’t had an attack since I started with that and sour cherry juice daily. I am back to wearing dress shoes during the week and haven’t touched my walking cane in 6 months. I am now at the point where a beer just doesn’t taste right without lime. Trust me on the lime. It works.

      • David

        I used to get gout when wearing business shoes. It would happen after a business trip that involved flying and walking long distances in airports.

        I found that Ecco brand of shoes helped immensely as they are very light and have great cushioned soles.

    • MaryLou

      I’m a 46 year old not over weight woman 5 foot 2 and 9 stone who has a IgA nephropathy for 21 years and under active thyroid for the last 5 years and had a gout flare up on my foot 8 years ago but got told it was something else ( Plantar fasciitis ) in the last year I’ve had about 8/9 flare ups of gout on my left foot that I can’t even get shoes on and in crippling pain, also right knee is having flare up but not as bad as my foot.

      The doctor keeps giving me a reducing course of steroid staring at 8 a day for 3 days then 7 for 3 days and so on as I’ve tried Colchicine with co Codamaol but had sickness and diarrhoea .. within 24hrs plus finished the 3 day course and still not helped with the gout.

      The medicine I’m on is:

      Irbesartan 150 mg
      Levothyroxine 50 mg
      Allopurinol 100 mg x3

      I’m starting to get fed up with these flare up & I can normally brush illness and pain away and get on with it.
      I used to go to the gym but now scared too as when I walk for a little while I get a flare up or do the garden .. please any advice and back at doctors on Wednesday as I can’t go on like this as I’m still young and have a lot of living to do.
      Thank you so much!


      • Spiro Koulouris

        Hi Marylou!

        It’s too difficult to give you any advice since everybody’s gout is different. I recommend you seek the advice of 2 different rheumatologists. Not GPs. And take it from there. All you can control is your diet and exercise. Follow the dietary advice from my website and ebook.

        Good luck!

    • Douglas Ryder


      I stumbled on your site by accident very informative thank you so very much. I have uric acid levels in the sevens haven’t had any recent gout attacks but I am very familiar with it.

      I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees and more recently with a possibility of CPPD disease, a condition in which calcium crystals deposit in the joints, potentially causing pain. This is very similar to gout except not uric acid crystals but calcium.

      Do you have any experience with this?

      I’m wondering if I went to an all-vegetarian diet if this would make a difference undecided. Also if you’re not familiar with this website paddisonprogram.com

      I would encourage you to check it out he (clint paddison) has cured himself from rheumatoid arthritis. I know this is separate issue but all interesting an related.

      Thanks in advance for listening to my rant . I will continue to read your website and make a decision whether you’re ebook would be in my interest with regards to the CPPD.


      Douglas Ryder

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Hi Douglas!

        No not familiar with the paddison program but will check it out.

        You have what we call Pseudogout which are calcium crystal deposits in the joints.

        Yes same diet will definitely help you!

        Good luck!


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