Febuxostat: El recién llegado al vecindario

Febuxostat es un medicamento farmacéutico descubierto por científicos japoneses en 1998, que se comercializa bajo el nombre comercial Uloric en Estados Unidos y Adenuric Febuxostat es un medicamento farmacéutico descubierto por científicos japoneses en 1998, que se comercializa bajo el nombre comercial Uloric en Estados Unidos y Adenuric en Europa. Febuxostat llegó al mercado europeo por primera vez en 2008 y la compañía farmacéutica Takeda obtuvo la aprobación de la FDA para su uso en Estados Unidos en 2009. Es un medicamento que inhibe la xantina oxidasa, reduciendo eficazmente el ácido úrico en el cuerpo. Al igual que la allopurinol, se utiliza para tratar la gota crónica y hiperuricemia.

Investigaciones recientes sugieren que febuxostat es más efectivo en comparación con allopurinol en el tratamiento de la gota. Según los autores de un estudio publicado en Arthritis Research & Therapy La efectividad comparativa de la reducción del ácido úrico con febuxostat frente a allopurinol en la gota: análisis de una gran cohorte de atención médica gestionada en Estados Unidos, el tratamiento óptimo de la gota se basa en dos principios: el uso crónico adecuado de terapias para reducir el ácido úrico y el objetivo de lograr niveles objetivo de ácido úrico sérico (sUA) y terapias antiinflamatorias para los ataques agudos y la profilaxis antiinflamatoria". Cabe destacar que hasta 2009, cuando la FDA aprobó Febuxostat, el único medicamento utilizado para este fin era la allopurinol.

Los investigadores llevaron a cabo un estudio retrospectivo de datos médicos, farmacéuticos y de laboratorio de un amplio conjunto de reclamaciones de planes de salud comerciales y de seguros comerciales de Estados Unidos durante un período de 3 años, entre 2009 y 2011. El propósito de esto fue "estudiar el cambio en sUA con el tratamiento de allopurinol versus febuxostat mediante la evaluación de la proporción de pacientes que lograron una meta de sUA posterior al índice de <6.0 mg/dL en el período de seguimiento, un resultado clínicamente significativo e importante para los pacientes con gota.

Extracto de cereza ácida para la gota

En conclusión, los investigadores encontraron que más usuarios de febuxostat alcanzaron niveles objetivo de ácido úrico, y esto sucedió más rápidamente que con allopurinol. Hasta ahora, febuxostat se recomienda como un medicamento de segunda línea para personas que no pueden usar allopurinol debido a que les causa efectos secundarios. Y para los pacientes con gota que también sufren de enfermedad renal y niveles muy altos de ácido úrico, febuxostat es más efectivo en regularizar los niveles de ácido úrico.

La investigación sobre los efectos a largo plazo de febuxostat continúa realizándose en todo el mundo. Te mantendré informado/a a medida que surja nueva información. Asegúrate de suscribirte a mis Facebook y Twitter cuentas, donde informo sobre las novedades sobre la gota.

Cómo tomar febuxostat

Febuxostat se toma en forma de tabletas con agua, una vez al día, con o sin alimentos. Febuxostat está disponible en tabletas de 80 mg y 120 mg de fuerza. Por lo general, tu médico comenzará con 80 mg al día y solo lo aumentará a 120 mg si no has alcanzado los niveles objetivo de ácido úrico. Febuxostat generalmente reduce los niveles de ácido úrico en unas pocas semanas.

Los efectos secundarios asociados con febuxostat incluyen náuseas, diarrea, artralgia, dolor de cabeza, aumento de los niveles de enzimas séricas hepáticas y erupción cutánea. Para aquellos que deseen obtener más información sobre febuxostat, he proporcionado un enlace a este extenso artículo de Medscape para que lo revisen. Si estás tomando febuxostat, ¡me gustaría saber de ti! ¡Deja un comentario abajo!

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    20 replies to "Gota y Febuxostat"

    • Partha

      Hi Spiro!

      Recently FDA added a boxed warning for febuxostat (plz see link below) of increased risk for cardiovascular death. I started with febuxostat initially but switched to allopurinol .. Now I have some side effects with allopurinol and I am scared to go back to febuxostat. Do you know any other medications that may be an alternative? I tried a few supplements and diet as well but my uric acid stays in the 7.2 – 7.8 range.. Any other suggestions to reduce Uric Acid ?


      • Spiro Koulouris

        There is nothing more to it, stick with allopurinol for a little longer, it takes sometime for your body to adjust to it in the beginning. A tip for yo is to split your allopurinol and take half in the morning and half at night, that should lower the side effects. Ask your doctor if you can do that.

    • […] it functions the same way as allopurinol by decreasing uric acid levels in the blood. Febuxostat goes by the brand name Uloric. It is metabolized by the liver, so it’s considered safe for those […]

    • Aris Poon

      I use Febuxostat since 2 years ago, the only time that I get gout is after eating a can of corned beef. It helped me alot

    • Rizal


      My name is Faozan Rizal, I am gout sufferer for at least 4 years, I downloaded your book already but as cinematographer/ cameraman, I have to deal with in location catering food so my gout diet was broke.

      I am in Berlin now and I have an attack when I am in the flight so 18 hours I am in so much pain in the plane. Here I just took Ibuprofen but it’s been 3 weeks until I meet the doctor here and he gave me febuxostat.

      I want to ask you something, is it taking febuxostat worsening the attack? next Friday is my 4th weeks and I really bored to be in pain and can not move my knee. I eat cherry and strict vegetarian and Gout diet as in you book now since 3 weeks ago but still can not help the pain until now. Have you ever felt that the pain is really like in the join then move to muscle?

      I try took cortisone once and help only a while, I forget to say that I can not bend my knees and the doctor said because of the crystals…is it true?
      I am writing you in pain…

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Hi Rizal!

        Febuxostat will only help take the edge off, lower the pain so you are more mobile but it sounds like you are suffering a lot, you will need to visit your doctor and most likely will prescribe you Colchicine to get rid of the pain and inflammation.

    • Donald

      I have been on Febuxostat for a month and a half and am in the midst of a 2 week gout attack. Prior to taking the medication, my uric acid was 8- 10 mg/dL and I had (have) TOPHI on my big toe. I have a uric acid meter at home that shows uric acid level in my blood is now below 3 mg/dL. Can you tell me why I am getting a gout attack? I thought they only occurred when uric acid was high. I am confused. Thank you.

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Good question Donald!

        You can get a gout attack if there is a wild swing in your uric acid level, which seems to be the case here but don’t take my word for it, check it out with your doctor. For example, many gout sufferers will get a gout attack when losing weight too quickly but if you suffer from tophi, that means your gout is on the extreme range. I hope you feel better Donald soon!

    • Binu P

      I started Febuxostat 80mg only 4 days back supplemented for the next 3 months with Colchicine twice daily.

      I was suffering from gout when I started it, but my gout flare up over the last 2-3 years had become more frequent to almost once in a week or two. It has always been on the feet and most often on around toe joints. Colchicine with NSAID for 3 days after onset would clear it but was told that it is important to be proactive and prevent it with a continuous dose of the Febuxostat. Creatinine levels were checked. Have to wait and see over the next couple of weeks to know if the gout attacks happen, especially after resume 3 times a week yoga.

      Does anyone know if there is one and what is the nature of
      link between border line high HBA1C and Uric acid, which has been 350-375 the last couple of time it was tested over the years.

      I am within healthy weight range, have always eaten ‘healthy’ and been ‘active’, but the HBA1C has not gotten a lot better, but was told it may be linked to gout attacks. From now on I will controlling my dessert intake to see if it helps when blood test is repeated in 3 months. I am not so much willing to make big dietary changes that would impact the family dynamics. Also hope Creatinine kidney function does not change much due to Febuxostat.

      Any further insight into my diagnosis and managing of gout attacks would help my initiative to find a long term plan.

    • Ayman

      One of the gout side effects that I have started to face recently is that even a small walk will cause pain in my foot just behind the big toe where the flare usually attacks, I am searching for a shoes or a special insole that I can use to decrease the pressure on my big toe as maybe this will help in reducing the pain, anyone got an idea on what to use and from where can I get it online please?

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Hi Ayman!

        A podiatrist should be able to guide to a custom made shoe insole for your feet!

      • Miranda

        Hello! Im pretty much the only young woman here, but i think i can help. I have had gout unknowingly since I was 23, 12 years ago. It was purportesly RA. I am getting my 1st Rheum doctor appointment next week because I have about 25 tophi all over my body, especially my hands and feet. No pain meds, all natural (like all my births). So I guess I’m in a lot of pain, lol. I can only walk in Sketchers Shape-ups around the house. Look into them! I buy them used on eBay between $20 and $45. They have wide toe boxes, about a 3 inch cushion on the sole and imitate barefoot walking too keep those toes mobile(so no joint fusion). I am a completely non-sedentary rural mom of 6 children 8-years-old and under, so VERY active. I go through a pair every 6 months and it is SO WORTH the cost! Also, the recommendations on barkingdogshoes.com have been very helpful to discover what brands worldwide carry comfortable shoes. I also use Wolky, Othofeet, and Gravity Defyers

    • Liam F.

      For me the flare ups stopped after about 3m. I was on a side dose of colcihine for a few months to help treat the flare ups

    • Liam F.

      The drug causes uric acid levels to decrease. In the first 3months or so it will cause uric to leach from your tissue, were it has been stored, when level was too high. This can cause gout flare ups. This will pass, as uric acid in tissue excreted. Probably best to persevere. Maybe see your doctor about a prophylaxis drug to treat flare ups your getting? Hope things improve Reese

    • Reese Railey

      Liam,I have been taking this for two months but it seems not working for me. The pain just transfers from one side to another. I can no longer work because of this. For How long did you take this and when did the pain and inflammation finally surpass?

    • Reese Railey

      Hi. Can i ask question.. Im with suffering gout. Almost 2mos it attacks on different body parts after each attack it transfers from one side to another.. Im taking febuxostat for 2mons. Yet nothing happen.. And im also taking diet program. Wat should i do?? Can i take steroids so i could get back to work??

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Follow your doctor’s advice, I don’t know enough about your health situation to provide you with any recommendations. Ask your doctor about steroids, it helps short term to remove the pain so you can be functional.

    • Chris

      Would you know if Febuxostat is available in South Africa? I had taken puricos (allopurinol) for 8 months with no success.

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Chris I wish I could help you but I don’t know why Febuxostat isn’t available there, best to contact the drug maker directly and ask if it’s available anywhere in South Africa. If allopurinol didn’t work, then you must inquire about Febuxostat and eat very healthy, follow my gout dietary tips.

    • Liam F.

      I take this. Very thankful for this drug; I coudn’t tolerate allopurinol. I’ve had no gout flare ups once through the initial three months of use of Febuxostat. Uric acid levels now normal.

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