Beneficios para la salud de la miel en una dieta para la gota

La miel ha sido utilizada durante miles de años en la medicina ayurvédica y también es un ingrediente clave en más de 600 remedios en los antiguos textos védicos hindúes. Incluso los antiguos egipcios destacaron las propiedades medicinales de la miel y la incluyeron en casi todos sus remedios. También se menciona como un regalo en la Biblia.

La miel es un poderoso antibacteriano, antiviral y antifúngico, además de ser altamente nutritiva. Se le puede considerar como un multivitamínico natural, ya que contiene vitaminas B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, C, magnesio, potasio, calcio, sodio, zinc, hierro, azufre y fosfato. ¡Es una de las sustancias curativas más poderosas en el planeta Tierra!

Estos beneficios para la salud de la miel solo se encuentran en la miel cruda, que no ha sido pasteurizada, ya que el proceso de pasteurización (calentamiento) elimina los componentes beneficiosos de la miel. Por lo tanto, asegúrate de leer cuidadosamente la etiqueta. Como regla general, cuanto más oscura sea la miel, más saludable será para ti. Muchas veces, la miel pasteurizada también tiene el polen eliminado. Así que compra únicamente miel cruda y preferiblemente local de un agricultor si es posible.

Extracto de cereza ácida para la gota

La miel cruda es el mejor edulcorante natural para utilizar si sufres de gota, ya que tiene un índice glucémico promedio de 30-40, ubicándose en el extremo bajo del rango glucémico. La mayoría de las mieles comerciales pasteurizadas en el mercado suelen tener un índice entre 55-80, lo cual es muy alto. Por supuesto, si consumes grandes cantidades de cualquier cosa dulce, puedes hacer que tu nivel de azúcar en la sangre aumente, así que consúmelo con moderación, por favor. La miel no es un alimento alto en purinas, por lo que consumirla en pequeñas cantidades puede no desencadenar ataques de gota. Sin embargo, si vas a elegir un edulcorante para endulzar tu avena en el desayuno o tu té de la tarde, la miel cruda debería ser la opción para las personas que padecen de gota.

Muchas personas que sufren de gota y artritis utilizan diferentes preparados, ya sea con canela y miel o vinagre de sidra de manzana y miel mezclados en agua caliente, que pueden ayudar a tratar los síntomas de la gota y la artritis. Se debe beber esto de manera regular para ver resultados.

Un estudio realizado por la Universidad de Copenhague trató a sus pacientes con artritis con una mezcla de una cucharada de miel cruda y media cucharadita de canela en polvo, justo antes del desayuno. Se descubrió que después de una semana, de los 200 pacientes, 73 experimentaron alivio de sus síntomas y pudieron caminar sin dolor después de un mes. La combinación de canela y miel también es promovida por la medicina ayurvédica. Este remedio también se puede aplicar tópicamente en el área dolorosa y masajear sobre la piel.

Evita el azúcar y otros edulcorantes artificiales, y si tienes un diente dulce, te sugiero optar por una opción más saludable y natural poca miel cruda puede hacer maravillas en una dieta para la gota.

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    27 replies to "gota y miel"

    • Ed

      It seems that fructose in honey may be an issue not so much for its increasing of UA through a purine metabolism but rather by its effect on kidneys: inhibiting the excretion of UA and increasing UA reuptake.

      Honey may possess constructive (healing) properties that mitigate fructose’s negative effects by improving UA clearance rate via its affect on the kidneys.

      There are many papers on this subject if you search the web.

    • David B

      Fructose is a hard no. Honey is listed as the completely avoid. I also just learned the purine is not as big an issue as fructose.

      Purines are created by our own bodies during fasting and exercise.

      Still can cause flair ups but fructose is the true problem.

    • frdrick sichilongo

      I,m a regular sufferer of gout. So learning that raw honey is good for gout makes me very happy. This is because raw honey is readily available in my country.

    • Tom Yum

      Honey and fructose in general is my WORST gout trigger. I can trace most of my worst flare-ups to eating too much honey. So, as always, YMMV.

    • Roland

      Hello, i been reading all the comments and heard many pros and cons on honey, i heard bee sting therapy works but make sure you are not allergic to bee stings, Stevia lately has become over rated and recently its coming in packets and to me that rings out DANGER because its processed into a fine sugar. I am a man of risks and i try not to rely on info so much online because he said she said is always confusing and you can spend hours reading, even what to eat or not. I just gave up and just put trust in mother nature and harvested my lemons,ginger and honey from a friends farm, also i am a fery big fan of Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother, i at times add that in my drink, but use just a drop or you may find youreself with puckered lips. I dont discredit proffessional suggestion I just tired yes Yogurt, no yogurt or whatever and said just trust mother nature more shes been on earth alot longer than any doctors. Good luck. Oh the drink has to be hot, to let lemon and ginger and honey blend in.. 10 minutes than mix should be fine. My gout as of right now feels like someone stabbed my wrist leaving me temp. Disabled, our bad habits causes this, avoid bad foods at alll cost, i miss them dearly but if you want a life without gout theres many delicious sacrifices. The yogurt still sits in my icebox frozen, cant stand the taste of it..

    • Gleb

      How much do you think I can eat honey during the day if i have gout? This is my only source of sweet, no sugar at all. I eat about 2,500 calories per day, 100-150 calories from honey will be fine?

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Yeah that’s fine if like you say that is your only sugar intake for the day. You can have up to 26 grams of sugar in one day, so measure it accordingly.

    • James D Lumley

      My experience is that I have to be careful about eating honey if I am having gout problems. I was eating honey on my yogurt and having lots of pain and trouble walking on my right foot. I read here online that honey can be the problem and stopped eating the honey and noticed a decrease in the pain to practically nothing within a couple of days.

    • Peter Jago

      Interesting. I have a teaspoon of honey with oats, yoghurt, blueberries/raspberries for breakfast. Do we know why honey and cinnamon are useful with gout? Honey is used for other medicinal reasons as well e.g. wound healing and by hay fever sufferers.

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Hi Peter!

        Honey contains certain enzymes that acts as a catalyst in the digestion process, especially, to disintegrate the carbohydrates and sugars.

    • Brenda

      I going try the bee sting the next time I get gouts! When I had gout I saw a bee on my Rosemary I thought about that I hope and pray it work anything to kill that pain that will bring tears . A bee sting would not hurt like Gout ! I let you know I am sucking on celery stick ! Summer a killer for me! I pray bee sting will work

    • Shabbirali

      For me no need to take any medicine. Just don’t eat anything for the full day. (Optional: Have couple of cups of black cofee), few times apple cider vinegar mixed with water and if hungry then eat some fruits.
      This works and gives me relief in a day. Even medicine do not do this wonder.

    • Cathy

      I do not see anything addressing the use of Splenda if you suffer from gout. I probably use 4 packets per day in my coffee and the Almased shakes that I drink twice a day to aid in weight loss.

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Hi Cathy!

        Splenda will not affect your gout directly but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that it’s definitely not healthy.It has shown to cause gastrointestinal problems, blurred vision, seizures, migraines, allergic reactions, blood sugar increases and even weight gain which can indirectly affect your gout. It is a man-made chemical at the end of the day and I would stop consuming it if I were you.

        • Cathy

          Thanks, Spiro. It’s time to buy sweetener again, so I’ve done some research on stevia. Seems you can’t really feel comfortable about using that either. Guess I’ll put raw honey on my shopping list! I was just recently diagnosed with gout and the information on your website has been a godsend!

          • Alice

            Cathy, stevie extract is 50% aspertaine which is a wood alcohol and not much different from stevia.

          • Eric

            Nothing wrong with packaged Stevia.

    • Ken

      Bee stings can cure many arthritic ailments. There are many references in many bee books, what the sting does is activate natural cortisone in the body . The first stings hurt but after a while you get used to them and it is no worse than a masquito bite . Raw Honey is also amazing this is honey straight from the bee hive, not the nasty stuff you get in supermarkets,it cures crutch rot, fungal infections, stomach ulcers, leg ulcers the list goes on and on..

    • Mark Williams

      Hi, I was juts rating about the stomach bacteria theory which is very interesting. I was recently in the Caribbean, I work there as a captain on sail boats and had a flare up, interestingly a South African guy approached me who was a bee keep and told me how he has stung people before and cured gout…have you heard anything you this? Thanks for your time.

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Hi Mark!

        No that’s a first! Never heard of anything like that.

        • Mark Williams

          There are a lot of interesting articles about it online, about bee sting theory curing arthritis. Il let you know if I find out any more.

      • Gina

        My grandfather was a bee keeper. When his arthritis was bothering him, he would make a bee sting him. It seemed to work for him. He lived from 1909 to 2002. I think over the years we have lost some old time wisdom. We always had honey and as children helped plant clover so his bees would have a nearby source. He usually put part of the comb in the jar too which was an extra treat.

    • رژیم لاغری

      Treating digestion issues with honey has been done for centuries. Specifically, raw honey may be helpful with treating acid reflux. Honey may also help lower the specific bacteria associated with peptic ulcers, H. pylori.

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