Does Yoga help with Gout?

Yoga! Yes Yoga can help gout sufferers. Yoga is actually a set of theories and practices originating in ancient India. The word yoga comes from a Sanskrit word which means “to yoke” or “to unite”. Interest in yoga has increased in western countries over the last few decades

Over time gout sufferers can experience joint stiffness and joint mobility can decrease some of you may even experience joint deformities. To remain flexible and avoid joint problems, practising yoga which are basically gentle stretching movements can be very beneficial.

Practice yoga on a regular basis and you will definitely improve your flexibility and muscles, helping you maintain strong joints. The stretching exercises from yoga will also help you increase your blood circulation. Remember that improved blood circulation may also help prevent uric acid crystals from being deposited in your joints.

If you’ve read my posts on this site for some time now, you should know how important it is to stay at a healthy weight and follow a gout diet. Extra pounds can add to the joint pain that you suffer from a flare-up or gout attack and you know that you need to lose weight gradually because if you lose weight too quickly, it may raise uric acid levels triggering an attack!

Yoga helps you lose weight gradually which is recommended for gout sufferers. Since gout mostly afflicts middle aged men and women, a 2005 study confirms that yoga helps shed the pounds if you are middle-aged. The study also confirmed that overweight people who practiced yoga on a regular basis lost more weight than those that did not practice.

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How to Get Started

If you practice yoga, try specific Asanas postures and Pranayamas to be effective in the strengthening of joints and helping gout sufferers, as well as any other form of arthritis you may be suffering from. Asanas are postures where you maintain a specific body position for a certain period of time.

They can be repeated a few times in case they are difficult to stick to for a long period in the beginning. While performing Asanas, you must be balanced, both while being in motion and when stationary. I know it sounds difficult but with practice you will definitely tone up, increase blood circulation and lubricate your joints.

Yoga will also increase your body’s flexibility and endurance. I also recommend you find yourself a good yoga teacher or join a yoga class where a professional instructor can teach you the right way to practice yoga and avoid any undesired complications.

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There haven’t been any studies involving gout sufferers but there have been a few involving patients that suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis which clearly shows the health benefits of yoga and joint improvement. As always make sure to discuss any plans for introducing yoga in your life with your doctor cause some of you that have joints that are vulnerable may not be able to practice it.

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