What Milk Thistle Can Do For Your Gout

Milk thistle or known in Latin as Silybum Marianum is a flower that has reddish to purple flowers and pale green leaves with white veins on them. The seeds are the medicinal part of the plant is what interests us the most gout sufferers. Milk thistle is very popular in Europe and is used as a tonic for the liver reducing oxidative stress. You probably see milk thistle as a common ingredient in all these gout supplements sold online.

So what does milk thistle exactly do? Well its best known to aid those with liver disease and other liver related problems like cirrhosis, jaundice, gallbladder disorders and hepatitis since it may help stimulate production of new cells. It also may provide cardiovascular benefits; it may lower your cholesterol, may help people with type 2 diabetes improving insulin resistance and in some instances it may help reduce the growth of cancer cells.

The flavonoid Silymarin found in the seed is the main active ingredient in milk thistle and is both an anti-inflammatory and a potent antioxidant so you see how this can benefit your gout. Milk Thistle is a powerful antioxidant that may help you to strengthen your liver and kidney cells by stimulating protein synthesis in these cells. It’s actually more potent than vitamins C and E! But it is important to first consult with your doctor since milk thistle works on your liver, it may interact with your medications.

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What milk thistle does best is it may help detoxify your body by breaking down and eliminating toxic substances like drugs, antibiotics, tobacco, preservatives in food, cortisone, chemicals found in tap water and the environment, artificial flavours found in food including colouring agents and many more.

It has not been shown to actually decrease nor increase uric acid levels. But the caveat is that over time, continuous elevated uric acid levels in your body can cause progressive liver disease causing oxidative stress and metabolic syndrome which are important factors that can worsen your gout. Your body needs a healthy liver in order to metabolize the uric acid before your kidney can pass it out through your urine and if the liver ain’t functioning at 100%, uric acid build up may cause gout. So as a gout sufferer it is important to keep your liver healthy and that is what milk thistle may do for you.

Milk thistle can be taken orally through supplements or can be consumed as a tea found on Amazon! The seeds can even be used in your salad dressing. Try and include milk thistle in your gout diet. You can also find milk thistle as a key ingredient in my unique proprietary blend which sells as a dietary supplement on Amazon called NutriGout!

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