Do You Got The Moves Like Jagger?

You all must be wondering what in the world does gout have to do with lead singer of the Rolling Stones Mick Jagger? Not much but I’ll be making an observation about health and our bodies in general and this applies to all of us. Mick Jagger turned 70 this past July 26 of 2013, that’s right 70 years old where the average rocker is dead by 42! Here’s a guy who drank excessively, did his fair share of smoking pot, cocaine and some heroin hence the song “Sister Morphine” and is in the best health of his life at the age of 70. Ok he didn’t abuse drugs like Keith did but he partied pretty hard in the 70s, that’s for sure! I recently saw him live couple of months ago for their 50th anniversary tour and boy can he strut around the stage, Mick can outrun you and I, that’s how much in good shape he is, just like the energizer bunny!

What does Mick do to stay in such amazing shape?

Mick follows a rigorous regime of that includes running several miles a day, swimming, kickboxing, cycling and will change it up sometimes with some ballet, Pilates classes and yoga. He states that he trains 5 or 6 days a week but doesn’t go crazy! Wow! You could’ve fooled me! He also states that he alternates between gym work and dancing; and training for stamina by doing sprints and stuff. Last but not least he follows a very strict diet high in fruits and vegetables! Make sure you eat your veggies folks!

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So what’s your point Spiro on Mick Jagger?

My point is that the body can take a lot of abuse over the years not only from drugs and alcohol; but from foods that we are not supposed to eat that ruin our health which may bring about illnesses and diseases like gout. The fact is that after many years of damage to our health, we can reverse our body’s course and bring it back to where it once was, the body can heal itself, it is an amazing piece of work and has the capability to heal itself if you change your diet and exercise.

So my point fellow gout sufferer, is that you should be motivated to reverse course when it comes to your health and put aside your old ways and begin a new order, a new you, by changing your diet and exercising more. This will make you feel better but will also lower your uric acid levels whereby you can avoid a gout attack episode. The end goal is to beat this disease and finally live your life like you intended it when your flesh body was in a good state of health. So take this observation as a lesson and hopefully Mick Jagger has given you some inspiration and motivation. I know he did for me as I watched him in awe, strut his moves without a break for 2 hours straight! Do you have the moves like Mick Jagger?

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