An Interview About Clinical Trials on Gout with CenterWatch

As a gout sufferer you may have considered in participating in clinical trials or studies that helps the medical community better understand gout by finding new ways to prevent gout and treat more effectively. Clinical trials are an essential step for a pharmaceutical company to gain approval from the FDA for drug use.

Now I know this isn’t for everybody but there are other types of clinical trials that will not involve drugs. Whatever the case may be if you are interested in participating in a clinical trial to provide your contribution to science, there is a website you can visit where you simply use the search feature to look and find clinical studies involving gout and many other health related issues.

Now CenterWatch is not a research facility and they do not perform any studies. They are a publishing company that lists the clinical research opportunities and industry information for the organizations performing the medical research. Below is a short interview of questions I asked for you to better understand how CenterWatch works in case you want to apply for a clinical trial relating to gout.

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What is CenterWatch about?

CenterWatch first launched the Clinical Trials Listing Service™ in 1994 to assist patients in finding and volunteering for clinical trials and to help sponsors and clinical research investigators reach and recruit patients online. At present, more than 1.8 million unique patients visit the CTLS™ annually. Additionally, patients can register for CenterWatch’s free Patient Notification Service to receive email alerts when new trials are posted in medical conditions or locations of interest. To register, visit:

How can gout patients/sufferers benefit from CenterWatch?

CenterWatch provides the opportunity for patients and their advocates to search thousands of actively recruiting clinical trials offering potential treatment options for their medical condition as well as educational resources about clinical research to help volunteers better understand the benefits and risks of study participation.

We provide a wide variety of patient resources including an overview of the clinical research process, volunteering for a clinical trial and understanding the informed consent process along with a comprehensive list of other helpful resources from disease-specific health associations to support groups and blogs. Patients can also register to receive email alerts when new trials are posted or follow us on social media to get updates on a daily basis.

What is the process to enroll for a clinical trial about gout?

While we do not conduct clinical trials, many of the listings on our website provide a confidential email form that study volunteers can complete and will be sent directly to the research center that is conducting the trial. From there, the research center will follow up to begin the screening process. For listings that do not include this form, we provide general contact information (phone and/or email) for direct follow up with the research center.

We encourage anyone interested in volunteering to read our Volunteering for a Clinical Trial section:

Is there any compensation for gout patients to enroll for a clinical trial and what is the range of compensation they can expect usually?

Compensation for trials is offered and determined by the trial sponsor or research center. If a trial listed on the CenterWatch website provides compensation it will be noted in the “Overview” tab for that specific listing. We recommend discussing this directly with the research facility conducting the study.

Talk a little bit about Patient Notification Service and how it works?

Study volunteers can easily register online for our free Patient Notification Service to receive weekly e-mails when new clinical trials and FDA-approved drugs are posted that match the medical conditions and geographic areas specified during registration. It’s a great way to receive the most current clinical trials information and the only personal data required is an email address. CenterWatch does not share any patient information provided via this service.

What has been CenterWatch’s major achievement in the past few years and what does future hold?

Since 1994, CenterWatch has played a significant role in providing patients and their advocates with free access to important clinical trials information and potential treatment opportunities. We were the first site to post actively recruiting clinical trials online and now have the industry’s largest database of global clinical trials. Additionally, part of our mission is to educate the patient community and help them make more informed decisions about clinical research. We offer a range of resources on our website and have established collaborations with more than 3,000 disease-specific health associations and patient organizations to provide the most up-to-date, timely and valuable clinical trials information to their communities.

At the end of the day it is your choice if you want to participate and contribute your time towards a clinical trial or study on gout but if it doesn’t interest you, CenterWatch is a valuable resource that allows you to follow the latest clinical trials conducted around the world and inform yourself on all of the latest studies that are going on.

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