Your Liver and Gout

Gout and Your Liver

The connection between gout and your liver In this post we will examine the importance of your liver as it relates to your gout. Your liver plays a critical role in metabolizing your uric acid before your kidneys can pass it out of your body and through the urine. If either your liver or kidneys…

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Grocery shopping list for gout sufferers

Gout and Grocery Shopping

What’s on your grocery list for your gout diet? When you visit your local grocery store, what’s on your shopping list? Do you add foods that should be part of your gout diet or do you give in and buy the foods you’re not supposed to? Suffering from gout is very serious and you should…

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Beans and Gout

Gout and Beans

Do beans belong in a gout diet? In this post we will examine if beans should be part of a gout diet since I get many questions and it seems it causes much confusion since there are purines in beans. This seems to freak out some of you so I will share the facts with…

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Gout and Avocados

Gout and Avocado

Avocados in a gout diet Avocados are one of my favorite fruits although it mixes better with vegetables in salads and  it’s green, it feels more like a vegetable since it’s definitely not sweet like a fruit. Avocado has a long history of cultivation going as far back as 10,000 years in Central and South…

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Link between Gout and Metabolic Syndrome

Gout and Metabolic Syndrome

The Link between Gout and Metabolic Syndrome Metabolic syndrome is quite common and the numbers are growing not only in North America but worldwide. An estimated 50 million Americans or 1 out of 6 have a form of metabolic syndrome and 40% of people aged 60 and over are affected by it. Metabolic syndrome is…

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Gout and Atkins Diet

Gout and the Atkins Diet

Is the Atkins diet good for gout patients? Another popular fad diet that you may have heard of is the famous Atkins diet developed by Robert Atkins M.D. and one time or another you may have had a friend or family member tell you that they were on the diet and losing the pounds. Many…

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Chanca piedra for gout

Gout and Chanca Piedra

What can the herb Chanca Piedra do for your gout? Phyllanthus niruri is a herb also more popularly known as Chanca Piedra. It is a tropical plant commonly found in coastal areas and in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil. It is an important plant in Ayurvedic medicine which is used to treat stomach problems, bladder…

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The 7 Minute Workout for your Gout

Gout and the 7 Minute Workout

How to exercise in just 7 minutes? This post is for those gout sufferers who say they don’t have the time to exercise, they’re always too busy and don’t want to get off the couch. Well for those that don’t have the time and are always too busy I have a solution for you but…

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Lead and Gout

Gout and Lead

Can exposure to heavy metal toxins lead to gout? Humans have been mining and using lead which is a heavy metal toxin for thousands of years now. Lead is first thought to be mined around 6500 BC in Anatolia which is modern day Turkey. It is also considered the oldest environmental hazard and one of…

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Young People and Gout

Gout and Young People

Are you in your 20s or 30s and suffer from gout? Couple of articles caught my attention last week and this is important information for gout sufferers everywhere! Surprise, surprise, surprise! Gout is on the rise and doctors in hospitals across the UK are now saying that they are seeing a sharp rise of gout…

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