Lemon water for your gout

Gout and Lemon Juice

What can lemon juice do for your gout?

Lemon is a fruit in the citrus family, people like lemon due to its’ distinctive sour taste which consists of lemon juice. It is the citric acid in the lemon juice, which is about 6% which gives it its’ sour taste and its’ pulp is used for cooking and baking. It also serves as a key ingredient in many drinks and foods since the average lemon contains around 3 tablespoons of juice. Being a citrus fruit it is naturally high in vitamin C which is a well known natural remedy for gout and also has some vitamin B complex. Lemon juice is used as a natural remedy for many ailments that include dizziness, headaches, bleeding gums, nose bleeds, throat pain, anaemia, constipation, hiccups and even consumed for an easier childbirth. Lemons are available throughout the year but are mostly in season May to August. Like other fruits, lemons contain unique flavonoids that have antioxidant and anti-cancer properties.

Studies have shown that citrus fruits like oranges, clementines, tangerine and lemons help to dissolve uric acid in your blood due to the higher levels of citric acid providing you with relief from a gout attack. It definitely should be included in your gout diet since lemon is also a stimulant to the liver. If your body is too acidic whereby your body’s pH level is too high or < 7, a state known as acidosis, uric acid will crystallize and cause you a gout attack or even worse it can form stones in the kidneys which you definitely don’t want. One way to improve the body’s acidity and remove it is by alkalinizing the urine and lemon juice stimulates the formation of calcium carbonate, which neutralizes acids like uric acid. [1] Many gout sufferers drink freshly squeezed lemon in a glass of water after meals to prevent a gouty attack. It definitely improves the digestive system and did you know that it also reduces heat in your body and is the reason why lemon juice with water is given to you at restaurants in the summertime.

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How do I take lemon juice in my gout diet?

How you can add lemon to your gout diet is as simple as taking the lemon juice of 1 or 2 lemons and adding it in your glass of cool water, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach would be best. You can also mix lemon with baking soda together which creates a perfect pH level of 7 in your body keeping it neutral. This helps restore balance almost instantaneously. Very simply add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and ½ of tablespoon of baking soda in a glass of water and mix it very well for about two minutes to make sure it doesn’t foam or fizz, it must be flat before drinking! It will have the taste of flat water. Don’t add more or less with this recipe because it won’t be as effective. You can also infuse some slices of lemon inside a cup of hot drinking water twice daily. 100 g (3.5oz) lemon also includes 138 mg of potassium which is also very important for us gout sufferers. You want to include as much potassium as possible in your gout diet. By the way you can also try of any of these recipes with lime as well. I personally use lemons in my diet, I like to add it in my green tea in the wintertime, in my cool glasses of water in the summertime, as well I love to sprinkle it on my broccoli, swiss chard, rapini, spinach and in my salads.

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  • dheetaj

    Reply Reply June 17, 2016

    Hi! My uric acid is high about 8.7 and I have swelling in both my legs. Can I take lemon with honey to reduce the uric acid?

    • Spiro Koulouris

      Reply Reply June 18, 2016

      It’s a popular natural home remedy that has worked for other gout sufferers. Try it! You have nothing to lose, if it doesn’t work, something else might work for you. See post on most popular natural home remedies for gout.

  • Andrew

    Reply Reply June 14, 2016

    I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to eat lemons or oranges anymore because they had the word “acid” in them (citric acid).

    This article is good news!

  • Shirley

    Reply Reply May 4, 2016

    Is it okay to take vitamin E if you have gout

    • Spiro Koulouris

      Reply Reply May 6, 2016

      Hi Shirley!

      You can take vitamin E but it doesn’t have any beneficial effects in excreting uric acid like vitamin C does for example.

  • Tony Harold

    Reply Reply April 18, 2016

    Hi Spiro,just come across your site, as a long time sufferer of gout, (it runs in my family)I have been on one allopurinol a day and when a attack comes on I take lengout every 6hrs makes me sick,mine are savage attacks sometime bedridden, I took vitamin C powder for a while, did ok now take lemon/honey first thing in the AM plus organic apple cider vinegar at night, cleared up last attack quick, plus baking soda and lemon twice a day 1/2 a teaspoon, juice of one lemon,w ill keep you posted on progress, thanks for a great site.

    • Spiro Koulouris

      Reply Reply April 19, 2016

      Hi Tony!

      Thanks for your personal insights and keep us up-to-date with your progress!

      • Tamara Anne

        Reply Reply June 20, 2016

        This information sounds quite good and makes common good sense to me. This chap has it really bad, I’m in my first 2 years, and anything that sounds sensible to me is information that I will channel for myself. Thank you everyone for your experiences and your homespun remedies. I’m grateful, especially to you Spiros for creating this much needed chat site. Cheers.

  • saifee

    Reply Reply March 23, 2016

    Hello Sir, i have a high uric acid and i cannot take lemon with warm water as i hv acidity, so i can i take lime juice with warm water. will the uric acid will be cured?

    • Spiro Koulouris

      Reply Reply March 24, 2016

      Hi Saifee!

      Yes lime juice is fine but there is no guarantees that it will cure you.

  • Mark

    Reply Reply January 8, 2016

    G’day Spiro. First of all, thank you for creating a list such as this. I was diagnosed with gout a few years back. The medication I was taking (meloxicam and colchicine) has attacked my kidneys and now I have stones as well as high uric acid level. I’m becoming more determined by researching everyday to repair the damage naturally. I have started to detox my kidneys by drinking a glass of cilantro daily. I do understand that Cilantro is high in purines which is probably why I have an attack now. However, from what I’ve gathered so far it seems that kidney detox like Cilantro and other Fruits/Veg are also high purine. For gout treatment I’m drinking Chery Juice and eating Cherries as well as a banana every day. I just started taking Vitamin C tablets. What I want to know is…Am I doing the right thing by trying to detox the kidneys first?

    • Spiro Koulouris

      Reply Reply January 8, 2016

      Hi Mark!

      Yes detoxing kidneys is very important for a gout sufferer, cilantro is not high in purines, I don’t know who told you that but anyway, try and add ilk thistle, turmeric, garlic, ginger, dandelion, nettle, yarrow and make sure to drink plenty of water. This will optimize your kidney function.

  • stevie

    Reply Reply December 5, 2015

    I have suffered gout for 20 years and control it with allopurinol and ibuprofen but my levels still vary wildly from 3.9 – 19. 7 mg/dl in a single month – can my diet have such a massive impact?

  • Ella Ari

    Reply Reply November 19, 2015

    Hello. I am 33 weeks pregnant and the doctor just confirmed that I have high level of uric acid in my blood which is 9.8mg/dL. I am very worried about it. But fortunately I do not experience any pain in my joints, just some swelling but no pain at all.
    Will the lemon water help with my condition? I did ask the doctors but they don’t really believe in natural remedies. I am due for another blood test this weekend and if it’s still high I will be admitted to the hospital, which I dread!

    Please help!

    • Spiro Koulouris

      Reply Reply November 19, 2015

      Hi Ella!

      Everybody responds differently. Try it! You got nothing to lose but I find a collective variety of natural remedies will work better and quicker like also taking apple cider vinegar, eating cherries or drinking cherry juice, adding a bit of turmeric, cinnamon and flax seeds in your diet and many more which you can read on my site.

      Good luck!

  • Trevor Reid

    Reply Reply November 8, 2015

    i had been taking lemon juice in warm water each morning for about 3 weeks and then had a gout attack i blamed the lemon juice thinking it would be the acid in the lemons after reading your post i will resume taking daily lemon juice and also try the baking soda remedy thank you so much and kindest regards to all Trevor

  • Rohan

    Reply Reply November 2, 2015

    Baking Soda with lime juice first thing in the morning and just before bed brings down an attack in just 2 days.

    I also take 500mg X 3 vitamin C and 500 mg X 2 bromelain/quercetin during an attack.

  • mike

    Reply Reply October 14, 2015


    sounds good.. what about using lemon juice from concentrate?

    how much of that ?


    • Spiro Koulouris

      Reply Reply October 15, 2015

      Hi Mike!

      Fresh lemons all the way! No concentrate! My ebook has more info on concentrate but generally speaking it’s not good for us.


  • Dwayne

    Reply Reply September 12, 2015

    This is my first time getting gout and got it on my ankle and now going on day 13. My doctor prescribed Indocin for pain and inflammation, but hate the side effects of diareaha and headache’s. So my doctor also prescribed Zantac for help the stomach problems. I’ve been taking black cherry juice also daily since my 2nd day into this attack and not sure if its helping any. Also purchased a pill called Gout Resolve online me but to my doctors reccomendation, I’ve discontinued taking it after only 2 days.

    What other suggestions do you have for this pain as veteran of having gout? Is 13 days the norm for an attack? Should I mix lemon juice with berry juice to double up the anty?

    Any and all help welcome and greatly appreciated…

    • Spiro Koulouris

      Reply Reply September 14, 2015

      Hasn’t your doctor prescribed you Colchicine? Fastest way to get rid of the pain and inflammation.

  • Mary

    Reply Reply September 8, 2015

    I just read your article today. I had read somewhere else that lemon could help reduce uric acid. Today I got good news that my uric acid level is 5.4, down from 8.4, 6 weeks ago. I have been having gout attacks for 4 years. I have been using half a lemon in glass or water about 4 to 5 days a week for about 5 weeks. The pill I was taking just was not doing the job but adding the lemon certainly did the trick for me.

  • Rose

    Reply Reply August 31, 2015

    I found this website yesterday and am so glad I did. My partner suffers from gout attacks which have gone from happening every few years to now being 6 months apart, with the last one lasting three weeks which is much longer than previous attacks. He has been on gout medication for many years but it doesn’t appear to be working. We are leaving for a holiday to the US in four days and when he woke up with a full blown gout attack yesterday we were devastated. I found your website and made the lemon and bi-carb soda drink. Normally he isn’t into ‘natural’ remedies and was considering an injection into his ankle to see if that worked. Fortunately it was Sunday, so he gave your remedy a try just to make me happy. I drink lemon juice everyday and have a good supply of squeezed lemon juice ice blocks in my freezer. I find it easier just to juice a heap of lemons at once and make the ice blocks which are very convenient to have in a cup of boiling water. I do cheat and have a Stevia tablet to reduce the bitterness. But back to my partner. He woke this morning, and we cannot believe the difference, his ankle is still a bit stiff but he is mobile and so happy with himself that he has actually started his packing!! I will give him some more lemon drinks today, but am not sure if I need to put the bi-carb soda in it. Is that a once only treatment, or should he take that daily to prevent further attacks?
    Thank you so much for putting this article up, we are both so happy (and relieved) and hopefully, a simple cup of lemon juice will mean he has had his last attack.

    • Spiro Koulouris

      Reply Reply August 31, 2015

      Rose, I drink lemon water almost every day for gout prevention and stimulates the liver! Not a big fan of baking soda although many gout patients swear by it. I’m just too scared that it raises my blood pressure cause the sodium levels are really high, so only put very little.

  • Sumit

    Reply Reply August 22, 2015

    How many times need to take the lemon juice to reduce uric acid level. Please suggest also can i eat banana to reduce uric level?

    • Spiro Koulouris

      Reply Reply August 22, 2015

      Sumit, I drink it daily usually, one or 2 glasses at most. There is not one thing that will reduce your uric acid levels significantly but a combination of many dietary changes will do the trick. Eating a banana a day is part of my gout diet and should be part of yours cause potassium is very important.

      • Ken Nguyen

        Reply Reply December 25, 2015

        What about fresh lime juice? Is lime the same as lemon juice?

        • Spiro Koulouris

          Reply Reply December 26, 2015

          Hi Ken!

          Lemons are a richer source of vitamin C and folate than limes, with 39mg of vitamin C and 20ug of folate found in 100g of raw lemon juice, compared to 30mg of vitamin C and 10ug of folate in 100g of juice from a lime.

  • Greg

    Reply Reply July 28, 2015

    I am a runner and my training was hampered by gout attacks which occurred about twice a month. I also had kidney stones on 2 occasions. Since taking a teaspoon of lemon juice in warm water first thing in the morning I have not had an attack for 6 years!

    • Jack

      Reply Reply August 22, 2015

      How many times you were taken the lemon juice in a day and with warm water or cold water? Please suggest.

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Reply Reply August 22, 2015

        Lemon juice can be added in cold or hot water as in a tea. You can do either, there is no problem. Like I said once or twice daily is fine.

  • Jennifer

    Reply Reply April 10, 2015

    Thank you so much for this! My dad gets gout n I came across this and sent him the link. He started the lemon n baking soda drink last night and this morning and he said it’s already helping soo much! He has been in a lot of pain for a long time and I felt helpless till now 🙂

  • Ted Vaughn

    Reply Reply March 3, 2015

    Lemons and limes have eradicated my gout. My gout had gotten so bad, I was having several attacks a year and between the attacks, the swelling would not go down. I started juicing a lime or lemon and adding the juice to about 8oz of water two or three times a day. I also started taking between 2000 to 5000mg of vitamin C spread throughout the day. Within 3 days, the swelling was completely gone as was the pain. Most importantly, it has now been almost 8 months and the gout symptoms have not returned. Give it a try, what have you got to lose ?

  • Van hung

    Reply Reply November 3, 2014

    Hey. I search Internet and found your useful blog. Many thanks. However, my doctor advise me that I should not drink sour fruit like lemons or oranges because it will make your gout worse. I found your article saying something opposite!!!!!. A big surprise. So can you explain more ?

    Thanks from Việt Nam

    • Spiro Koulouris

      Reply Reply November 4, 2014

      Why would it make your gout worse? It’s high in vitamin C and helps alkalize your body to lower your uric acid levels. Tell your doctor to read my post and to at least prove you wrong. Lemons are harmless to the gout sufferer. Enjoy them!

  • Phil Turner

    Reply Reply October 2, 2014

    Good to read this about lemons (and honey in another article) as I love lemons! As hypnotherapist, I often have a mug of hot honey & lemon, for the maintenance of my speaking voice, when I’m hypnotising a client.

    But as a gout sufferer, it’s nice to know that this combo is helping stave off gout too!

  • Spiro Koulouris

    Reply Reply March 10, 2014

    Honestly I am not familiar with that brand so I definitely couldn’t give you an honest answer JMZ. Order it once and try it out for yourself would be the wisest thing to do here but if they usually claim they are made from real lemons in the USA then they probably are since these types of advertising/marketing is regulated on food products.

    • Laurie Steele

      Reply Reply September 3, 2015

      I buy the small condiment cups and freeze individual servings of the fresh lemon or lime juice. You can use an ice cube tray to make single serving sizes and keep the frozen cubes in a ziplock bag if you cannot find the cups. I do this when the prices of lemons and limes are cheaper in season.

      • Jmz Nesky

        Reply Reply September 27, 2015

        Sounds like a good plan ‘B’ Laurie, thanks.

    • Jmz Nesky

      Reply Reply September 27, 2015

      Thanks S.K.(sorry for the belated response).

    • John

      Reply Reply April 9, 2016

      I have suffered many long lasting gout attacks since 2008, mostly in my ankles and feet. I finally went to a Rheumatologist and found my uric acid level was 17ml/g. He prescribed colchicine, allopurinol and uloric. I took the allopurinol for over a year and still had attacks. I modified my diet and started using lemon juice in water daily. In 2 years I have had only 1 acute attack, it’s amazing! Just throwing this out there too, anyone whose having an acute, debilitating attack right now can go to a local clinic and get a cortico steroid shot that will take away the pain in about 10 minutes!! However you shouldn’t get multiple shots as the steroid will eat bone and tissue over time….it does take away the pain almost immediately though. My question is what can I do about the daily stiffness and minor swelling I have in my right ankle that is after affects of gout, but not an acute attack.

      • Spiro Koulouris

        Reply Reply April 11, 2016

        Hi John!

        You can take some foot baths with espom salt, others add apple cider vinegar to relax the muscles, I’ve also used Peroxide when experiencing stiffness and minor swelling.

  • jmz

    Reply Reply March 10, 2014

    Fresh lemons aren’t easily attainable for me as I’m home bound and must depend on others to purchase my food so I have to buy them in numbers which often will not last until next store visit each month (time rot).. I would like to know if a certain packaged brand which states it is made from real lemon and are cold pressed then crystallized can be substituted for real lemons. I’ve tasted this and it’s exactly like the real thing but I’m unsure about the same nutrients. The brand is “True Lemon” manufactured by: True Citrus Co. They have told me through inquiry that these packs are real lemon and can be substituted.. They are also a business for profit so I would like a second unbiased opinion on this matter as I have gout and wouldn’t want to be wasting my time on something that otherwise could benefit me in the long run.. Thanks in advance for any information.

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